Square SMC-002 Mini Conversion Kit MS-2

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Square SMC-002

SMC-002 Mini Conversion Kit MS-2

  ※ 540 size motor belt drive 4WD
Wheelbase 210mm
※ Front mid-mounted on the motor battery
To equalize the balance weight to be in landscape format
Te performance has been improved further movement.
※ 1 cell Li-Po pack straight from the general
Battery can support a wide range of slots.
※ plastic knuckle of the original design, C hub
Rigidity Rear Hub further material change, and suspension arms
Improve. Greater stability and sharp footwork
※ Blue urethane bumper,
Vendor supplied
※ 380 mode option in the motor plate
Target can be mounted.
※ This product is a conversion kit. Separately
Please prepare. Ⅱ Kit Tamiya TA05-Ver.
※ kind traveling mechanical, body, tires, wheels,
Damper is not attached.

The set includes
Carbon Main Chassis
Carbon Upper Deck
Carbon Damper Stay F, R
Aluminum Center Mount
Aluminum servo mount
Aluminum crank steering
Dog Bone
Belt drive F :207-69T R :405-135T
Urethane bumper
Plastic knuckle
C hub resin
Rear Hub resin
Resin suspension arms
Bumper holder made ​​of resin
Straps for securing the battery


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