Kawada SV-10 Sigma 2 Ver.1.1

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SV-1 Sigma 2 Ver.1.1

Kawada SV-1 Sigma has been updated to Ver.1.1!!

New Features:
* New Battery Plate which can hold battery cells type.
* New Chassis which can hold battery cells type.
* New Motor Mount - (2.5mm Lower)
* New Bulkhead - (2.5mm Lower)

Newly designed 2.5mm lower motor mount and bulkhead enable lower gravity. Newly designed battery plate and chassis will hold cell type battery while keeping Kawada Sigma unique 50:50 Balance Weight.

Now, Kawada SV-1 Sigma Ver.1.1 is even more focused on winning the race!!

* One Drive Belt System Chassis
* Large Diameter Front One Way System
* Quick Adjust Ball Diff System
* Light Weight Diff Cup
* 61mm Super Long Span Suspension Arm (Reinforced Carbon & Light Weight)
* Same Ratio Upper & Lower Arm Point
* Same Ratio Front and Rear Roll Center
* Same Oil Damper Action / Move Point
* Exactly Same Lever Ratio (Front & Rear)
* 50:50 Weight Balance
* Large & Smooth Universal Shaft
* EMB Battery Mount
* Teflon Coating Oil Damper
* Full Carbon Chassis
* Adjustable Roll Center
* Dust Blocker
* Full Ball Bearing (x24)

Techinical Data
Length: 352mm
Width: 189mm
Tread: Front/162mm Rear/162mm
Wheels Base: 260mm
Diff: Front/ One Way Rear/Ball Diff
Total Weight: 1450g
Drive System: Single Belt Part Time 4WD
F/R Suspension Style: Full Adjustable Wishbone
F Caster: 3 degrees
Skid: Adjustable
Rear Toe-In: 2 degrees (Rear Hub Carrier)
Gear Ratio: 3.15~11.86
Chassis: Carbon Double Deck
Motor: 540 Size (Not Included)
Steering: 3 Separation Tie Rod
Bearing: x24

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