TN-RACING TN-681 Drift Package C-Max Innovate Carbon Conversion

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TN-Racing TN-681

TN-680 C-Max Conversion has been updated!!

Front end upper deck
Rear Propeller shaft has been updated to steel universal shaft
Front Propeller Shaft color has been changed from blue to black
Center bulkhead shape has been changed for chassis roll
Main Chassis D-Bar cut line has been changed

> These change will make better drift conversion machine!!

Following parts are required to complete.

* Yokomo Drift Package
* Yokomo SD-118DG D-Max Battery Guide
* Yokomo SD-118DP D-Max Battery Plate
* Yokomo SD-644C Center Drive Cup
* Yokomo ZR-011SM Easy wheel hub maintenance kit
* 55-60mm turnbuckle

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