Tomytec LASW06 Little Armory x Strike Witches "Strike Witches ROAD to BERLIN" M1918BAR

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From the series Little Armory, a series of exquisite miniature firearms comes a plastic model from the TV anime "501 Integrated Combat Aviation Strike Witches ROAD to BERLIN" from the anime series.
This is a 1/12 scale model of the M1918 (also known as BAR) small weapons used by Charlotte E. Jaeger in Reberion United States.
For model design, we conducted the Japan Self-Defense Force Weapons School.
In addition to the precise modeling of the BAR, the Omitt bipod has also been reproduced without exception.
The packaging and illustration cards use an original illustration of Mr. Michio Satou.
On the back of the illustrated card the firearm explanation was written by Takaaki Suzuki, a world view and military reminder.
The illustrated card can be used as a display for models by combining it with a clear card with the Magic Team.
Both are carefully designed with the image of the world of Strike Witches.

1:12 Scale Runner Kit (Neutral Color) Resin (PS) We recommend using glue for plastic models.
Molded Color: Brown and Black; Total Length: Approx. 3.9 inches (10 cm).

This product does not come with figures.
Adhesives, tools, and paints are not included.
This product is a 1/12 scale assembly plastic model that has no functions like an air gun or model gun.
This product does not use any gunpowder.
This product does not contain any gunpowder.
This product cannot be fired bullets.
This product does not include bullets as a launcher.
This product does not use CFL gas.
This product does not include CFL gases.
This product does not use batteries.
This product does not include batteries.
This product does not use fuel.
Fuel is not included with this product.

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