Yokomo SP-03DPC-1 Program card for SP-02DV2/SP-03DV2 series servo

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The drift servo program card, which is equipped with a steering hunting suppression function and further enhances the function of the drift dedicated servo, which can be said to be indispensable for competition RWD drift cars, is finally here!

The power, torque, hunting suppression, and neutral width are adjusted, and the reverse function of the servo operation is also realized. SP-03D and SP-02DV2 have sufficient performance even by default, but detailed settings can be made to meet the demands of expert drivers who require more delicate operation.

For example, if the driver himself wants to increase the sense of control, or if the machine is in a well-balanced state and there is no need to increase hunting suppression, the power and torque can be increased to achieve a more direct operation.

The main unit is equipped with a servo connection port and a power port. You can use a BEC power supply such as an ESC or receiver for the power supply, or you can connect it with a micro USB connector from a computer or mobile battery. A connector cord for BEC power connection is also included.

*Connecting the BEC power supply and the micro USB power supply at the same time will damage the BEC circuit of the ESC and the circuit of the program card, so please do not connect the two power supplies at the same time.

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