Yokomo Y2-415SALL Aluminum Variable Kingpin Angle Steering Block Set for SD1.0LTS

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YokomoYokomo Y2-415SALL | 0639342219971

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This is an aluminum steering block set used in the SD1.0LTS that can produce realistic driving with an emphasis on roll. Not only can you set a wide range of kingpin angles by adding spacers, but it also has an adapter shape that supports the high mount of the upper arm, and it is a setting that controls the roll balance of the LTS.

Since the front roll center is higher, the front part does not roll directly, but the force that rolls the rear becomes stronger, and it is possible to pull out the front roll combined with the rigidity of the aluminum chassis. Since the rear rolls in the center, there is little sense of stalling due to the front plunge, and it produces a roll of a machine that looks like a real car with a sense of weight.

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