Yokomo YRF-001W Formula 001W Chassis Kit

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Yokomo YRF-001W



Now in Stock. For first production only, receive FREE Narrow Tread Conversion Set!! So you can convert into YRF-001N! Limited quantity available SO Get in Quick!!  

First F1 RC chassis will be available from World Champion Yokomo!! Designed by Naoto Kitagawa, Yokomo YRF-001W has been designed with Championship in their mind. Currently Yokomo is also developing 2 types of bodies especially designed for YRF-001W (in development).

Flex Plate Front Suspension
Pivot Ball Link Type Rear Suspension
3mm thickness Graphite Main Chassis
Lengthwise Battery Positioning
Black Aluminium Motor Mount and Left Bulk
Flex Floating Bulkhead
Large Capacity X Shock
Large Diameter Ball Diff
Aluminium Diff Joint and Left Hub
Graphite Rear Shaft
Crank Type Steering System can be adopted (OP Parts)
Include F&R Wing


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