Yokomo YT-TS3 YOKOMO Tire Truere

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Yokomo YT-TS3

YT-TS3 YOKOMO Tire Truere

True tire diameter can be adjusted automatically, such as sponge tires for racing one of 12 minutes. We achieve high-performance with an affordable price. Adjuster that can be set in increments of 0.1mm precision from 40mm up to 80mm diameter tires, automatic feature that automatically feed sanding blade at the touch of a button, easily performed with high precision sanding we can. You can adjust the variable speed of the feed blade, sanding optimum can be chosen according to the type of tire. The power supply can be selected for the book straight battery pack 7.4V ? 2 to be stored in the power supply or the back of the body DC13.8V,.
The body will be standard equipment Hoiruhabu for 1 Racing 12 minutes, in addition to those equipped with Hoiruhabu for Yokomo R12, your version with the hub generic that can be used, such as JACO foil and Associated Machine are available.

? Standard Mounting Wheel Adapter for 1/12 racing chassis
? 40 ~ 80mm diameter sanding adjustment
? 0-2 degree taper adjustment sanding
? mounted selector switch ? 2 or Li-po2 cell (13.8V) power supply input power
? Auto-return feature adjustable feed speed automatic blade
? Equipped with dust cover
? Equipped with dust container
? with a carrying case

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