Yokomo ZR-DRR3 Super Drift Tire ZERO-ONE R3

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Yokomo ZR-DRR3

ZR-DRR3 Super Drift Tire ZERO-ONE R3

The new tire to suit the wheel diameter of the drift-only package PLUS Type-C equipped with arm A, is zero one R3. Flat rate of wall thickness to match the wheel diameter, and then produce a vintage style. Shape tread driving characteristics that correspond to such as caster angle and camber angle often be wearing big drift setting in recent years, in the round tread, stable even when off the steering is effective to counter the drift such as FCD gear especially will be. Best match also traveling in the road surface asphalt or carpet. Even when traveling at constant velocity, and pull the slide characteristics of smooth tread with less caught a round of course. Zero one feeling the tread surface of R such that a reasonably familiar, is the image that can be maintained for long periods of time. There are also grip is felt low in compatibility with the road surface in rare cases, you can run for a while until the fit is the tire surface, and rough surfaces such as sandpaper, so to get a sense of grip more, please try us .
When installing the wheel increases the roundness by sandwiching the tire spacer, thus reducing the unpleasant sound traveling to ensure a further cushion. Tire material are so common that they have zero one series, there is no changing the grip of the road surface at a given circuit, such as zero one R, making it the ideal tire to practice long life. 

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