Final Fusion: King of Brave GaoGaiGar Cross Frame Girl Model Kit by Kotobukiya

Are you a fan of mecha and the excitement of dynamic combinations? The King of Brave GaoGaiGar Mecha Girl Model Kit offers a unique fusion of two worlds, blending the iconic King of Braves GaoGaiGar series with the artistic charm of mecha girl illustrations by Eji Komamoto.

The Fusion of Gao Machines

At the core of the King of Brave GaoGaiGar lies the concept of synergy with three types of Gao Machines. This intriguing gimmick has been artfully reimagined in the form of a mecha girl, enabling you to relish the awe-inspiring combination sequences from the animated series. What's more, you have the liberty to depict the character without her mechanical components, celebrating her unadorned beauty.

A Wealth of Accessories

This kit is brimming with intricate details. It includes palm parts for replicating the iconic Broken Magnum and the deployment of protective shades, expanding your display possibilities. In GaiGar mode, you can faithfully recreate the "Drill Gao Installation Mode" and "Stealth Gao Installation Mode," showcasing the model's incredible adaptability.

Let's not overlook the model's versatility, as it comes with special hand parts for authentically depicting GaoGaiGar's signature move, Hell and Heaven. The package comprises three pre-painted facial parts, eye and marking decals, and an assortment of PVC wrist components for both left and right wrists. These wrist parts conveniently accommodate the protective shade and a range of weapons, making the kit compatible with items from the Frame Arms Girl Series, MSG Series, and Frame Arms series.

A World of Possibilities

What makes this model kit truly exceptional is its adaptability. The 0.1-inch (3mm) diameter holes in its feet enable it to wield weapons from the Frame Arms Girl series, MSG series, and Frame Arms series. The "GaoGaiGar" mode is designed to merge seamlessly with the three types of Gao Machines, forming the formidable "Galeon" state. Whether you favor the "girl arms" or "mecha arms," you can seamlessly transition between the "power suit" mode, offering endless avenues for customization.

Final Fusion Approved!

The King of Brave GaoGaiGar Mecha Girl Model Kit beckons you to wholeheartedly embrace the essence of fusion. It isn't just a model; it's a gateway to a realm of boundless creativity, where you hold the reins to GaoGaiGar and her remarkable combinations. This kit is a must-have for mecha aficionados, collectors, and anyone with an appreciation for the art of transformation.

Prepare to embark on a voyage of creativity, power, and combination like never before. Secure your King of Brave GaoGaiGar Mecha Girl Model Kit now and immerse yourself in the enchanting fusion of mecha girl and mecha warrior.

Kotobukiya CG001X Brave King Gaogaigar Cross Frame Girl GaoGaiGar

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