TITANO MAKIA Stratohound: A Plamo Original Content Series by Kotobukiya

The world of plastic model enthusiasts just got a whole lot more exciting with the introduction of the "TITANO MAKIA" figure line from Kotobukiya, featuring the formidable exoskeletal suit for women known as "Stratohound." Created by the talented multi-creator NAOKI, who is not only a modeler but also a designer and producer, this series is set to take the model kit hobby by storm.

A Unique Creation: TITANO MAKIA Stratohound

The "TITANO MAKIA" series offers a unique and highly detailed take on the world of exoskeletons. With the second release of SIDE: ES, the "Egzo Skeleton," model kit enthusiasts can now dive into the long-awaited world of female exoskeletons. These 1/12 scale plastic model kits offer buildable and customizable figures that allow you to bring the world of exoskeletons to life in exquisite detail.

Product Highlights:

  • Designed by modeler extraordinaire NAOKI, these kits are a testament to the "model-like design" that captures the essence of these powerful exoskeletons.

  • The kits feature a range of innovative gimmicks, including a sliding mechanism for thigh armor and independent movement of shoulder armor, ensuring a flexible and dynamic range of motion.

  • Each part of the Stratohound model features 0.1-inch (3 mm) diameter hard points (holes), allowing you to customize and accessorize using parts from the TITANO MAKIA series and other Kotobukiya original content plastic model series.

  • The retractable proximity composite weapon "Doppell Adler" is a standout feature, with a beam blade reproduced with a real blade and clear parts. It comes with a movable grip for various configurations and can be stored compactly.

  • The kit includes two hand blaster "Basiskiqu" sets, each equipped with left and right holsters for carrying various hard points.

  • The clear parts of the shield "Veradonna" allow for fine grip position adjustment, giving you full control over its placement.

  • With eight types of PVC wrists, including grips, palms, weapon handles, and gun handles, you have a wide range of customization options.

  • The kit comes with both a barefoot head and a helmet head, expanding your possibilities for play. The head part even features a dandelion printed face.

  • Assembling the kit is a breeze, thanks to the detailed color-coded parts and molded colors, along with clear painted parts. You can achieve a finish that closely resembles the image without the need for extensive painting.

  • Decals, including pupil decals and original design decals, are also included for those finishing touches.

The Stratohound Setting:

The Stratohound is part of the iconic exo skeleton and hound series developed by Glakies. Designed to be lightweight and focus on close-combat battles with an emphasis on speed, it is a formidable addition to the exoskeleton world.

The suit shares the same expansion hardpoint standard as the Gaylehound, allowing for equipment compatibility between the two.

One of the standout weapons used by those who favor the Stratohound is the Dopperadler, a retractable close composite weapon created by Vector Hide. Its lightweight and compact design make it a highly versatile choice for close combat.

Another notable weapon is the hand blaster "Basylisqu," created by the same manufacturer as the suit itself. Lightweight yet powerful, it serves both as a secondary weapon and a primary choice for combat.

The Carry Shield "Veradonna" is constructed from high-strength lightweight plastic, offering excellent protection and visibility in various equipment conditions.

The "TITANO MAKIA" series brings the Stratohound to life in stunning detail, offering model kit enthusiasts a chance to explore the world of exoskeletons like never before. Dive into the exciting realm of plastic modeling with this captivating series by Kotobukiya.


[PO APR 2024] Kotobukiya KP516 1/12 Titanomakia Strathound

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