Mugen Seiki T2002 MTX-5 Chassis Kit

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Mugen Seiki T2002

T2002 MTX-5 kit is contained the following steel diff gears, cross shafts, and spring cup along with other updated parts.?

New parts for T2002 MTX-5

P/N Description
T2227 Diff. Gear (Steel)
T2228 Diff. Cross Shaft (Steel)
T2103L-B Rear Upper Arm Bulkhead L
T2103R-B Rear Upper Arm Bulkhead R
T2111-B Rear Upper Arm Mount Plate
T2201-B Diff Case
T2215-B Brake Disc Adaptor
H0753 Spring Cup (Steel)
Other necessary equipment:
2ch Radio and 2 servos / 4ch Receiver / Battery (Flat type) / 12 Rear Exhaust Engine / Muffler & Manifold / Tires / Body /
Engine Starter / Body paint tools / Fuel.

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